Volkswagen Transporter


  • Cost per day
  • With deposit / Without deposit

  • 61 $ / from 26 days / 88 $
  • 71 $ / 10-25 days / 103 $
  • 79 $ / 4-9 days / 115 $
  • 89 $ / 1-3 days / 130 $

Volkswagen Transporter car rental in Kiev 63$/ Day

Minivan Volkswagen Transporter in VIP CAR-a reliable car, characterized by many advantages. Rent a car in Kiev is carried out mainly in order to carry out the transportation of people and cargo. Volkswagen Transporter-a set of developments in recent years. Evaluate them will help rent a car.
The machine is characterized by big dimensions, despite that has great maneuverability. The car quickly picks up speed and looks elegant. Volkswagen Transporter with front-wheel drive copes with smooth and bumpy roads.
The interior is also designed in a practical German style. There's plenty of room inside for a group of people. Each chair is characterized by excellent ergonomic properties. Moving around the cabin as convenient as possible.
VIP CAR company Kiev – a place where you can rent a car on favorable terms. The fleet is represented by a variety of different models, among which the Volkswagen Transporter occupies a worthy place. Can be issued a car rental for a day or for a longer period. It should be noted that the longer the rental time, the more favorable the conditions will be. To arrange a rental Volkswagen Transporter, you need to contact the VIP CAR with an identity card, TIN and driver's license.